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Tax Investigation & Analysis

Community Tax Relief will conduct a detailed tax debt investigation of your business or personal tax situation to understand all of the tax debt resolution options. Read More

Fix your IRS Problems Now!

Community Tax Relief’s Tax Negotiators go to work submitting and negotiating your custom tax resolution plan to the State or IRS so that you can put your tax debt problems behind you. Read More

Personalized Tax Resolution Strategy

Community Tax Relief utilizes the tax findings of our tax debt investigation & our tax negotiator to present you with the best custom State or IRS tax debt resolution plan. Read More

About Community Tax Relief

Community Tax Relief is a Tax Defense and Tax Debt Resolution Company. We will conduct a thorough State and IRS Tax Debt Investigation of your personal or business financial situation in order to determine the IRS tax relief option that will resolve your problem.  Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of tax debt relief issues and works diligently to provide the best customer experience possible.  We know that your tax problem is stressful and will work to provide the information that will ease your mind.

Our tax attorneys, CPA’s and tax professionals can assist with a variety of state and federal tax issues.  Community Tax Relief can help STOP Wage Garnishment and IRS levy actions. We can assist you with negotiation of tax resolution plans such as an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible Status.  In addition, our team works with taxpayers nationwide to provide tax debt relief for state tax problems.

For taxpayers who wish to receive help remaining compliant with the IRS, Community Tax Relief helps individuals and businesses with tax preparation and payroll tax concerns.  In addition, CTR can provide bookkeeping services to businesses who wish to minimize the time and cost to their business.

If you need IRS debt relief, the best decision you can make today is to take action and get professional help.  IRS penalties and interest continue to accrue on outstanding tax liabilities and once these accounts are sent to collections, it may be very difficult to stop federal collection actions.  The IRS can levy bank accounts, retirement accounts, homes, cars and other assets.  The tax professionals at CTR can assist taxpayers who are facing these severe actions.

Call today for more information about getting IRS tax debt relief.  With a free consultation, you will receive all of the information you need to understand your tax and financial situation and the best steps to take to receive IRS tax relief. Consultations are free and require no obligation of signing up for our service.  Don’t wait, call us now for more information!

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